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One to One  Coaching

Growing personally or professionally takes courage, awareness, focus, self-discipline, motivation and resilience.


Our 1 to 1 coaching programme is based on transformational coaching.  An intervention into the way you operate, identifying and working through your opportunities for growth. Through completely confidential, interactive sessions.


Working, not only at a behavioural level, but creating a grounded mind-set and beliefs for long-term transformation in:

·       Career progression or development?

·       Management or leadership skills?

·       Confidence and communication?

·       Preparation for an up and coming challenge.


Out work will be powerful, comprehensive and effective. You will realise your potential in preparation to inspire.


The Practicalities!

 One to One coaching sessions last for approximately 1-2 hours and I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions in the first instance. Where appropriate, telephone or Skype coaching sessions are available. They last for approximately 1-2 hours and are an effective means of coaching once a relationship has been established

A personal and confidential service which helps people apply and embed their learning; focusing on the challenges facing them and their roles. It follows your agenda unlo...
1 to 1 Coaching
1 hr
Personal growth
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