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About Ian Coxan


I have over thirty years’ experience working and coaching teams and individuals. I have always been driven to understand and improve how people and groups function and get work done. I help individuals develop their skills and performance by collaborating on existing issues. I can apply my experience and knowledge almost immediately to the individuals unique needs without adding to their already full plate. Excelling in supporting both organisational and individual development, I add special value during change and transition, supporting people to adapt into new roles and responsibilities. Equally important is my passion for teamwork. A lifelong involvement with teams and expeditions makes me a firm believer in the power of teams, and I am an avid advocate of these principles in the work environment.  I feel strongly that my application of these principles in my interventions, are an intrinsic part of the success I have had in achieving outcomes for stakeholders.

I have been a member of the EMCC since 2015 and accredited by the EMCC and EIA (European Individual Accreditation) at Senior Practitioner level. As part of my commitment to continuing development I have successfully completed a MSc. in Coaching and Mentoring, focusing on Peer Group Supervision and hold a Diploma in Leadership and Management.  I am currently working towards a Post Graduate certificate in Coaching Supervision.

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