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Really pleased to announce that I have I now become accredited to deliver the Engage diagnostic tool.


Engage is based on over ten years of research and development. It integrates a Cognitive Behavioral Psychology model with advanced coaching psychology to catapult personal change and development.

Engage is a powerful addition to my coaching approach. It empowers the client and the coach (myself) to measure, evaluate and demonstrate a clear impact on the ROI of the coaching intervention. Engage measures and individual’s mind-set across three areas:

  • Confidence – relating to self-task-social situations.

  • Openness – relating to communication, change and process.

  • Impact- relating to perceived commitment and performance.


This approach works best with:

Those who want to gain unparalleled insight into their mindset, working not only with blockages or self-interrupter mind-sets but with elements of personal potency, efficacy and potential, to obtain a clear understanding of how internal thoughts and beliefs impact their work performance.

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